Forte Regular OA Knee Brace

SKU: (Sugg. HCPC L1843/L1851)


Provides stability and support for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and meniscal cartilage derangement. Unloading pressure from the medial or lateral compartment of the knee.

SKU (Sugg. HCPC L1843/L1851) Category


Patients with mild to severe knee osteoarthritis can benefit from the Forte Regular OA Knee Brace. When the knee is straight, it offers stability across the joint, and when the knee is bent, it lightens the load. It relieves pressure from the knee’s medial or lateral compartment. The brace is universal in size and available in Right or Left. This brace is not for a patient if they have it adjusted to the largest size and it still does not fit. Although they probably need a bespoke brace, you may try a double upright OA knee brace. Additionally, this brace includes an adjustable key, but we advise against giving the patient the key to keep at home.


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