Affordable Electrotherapy Equipment

GTM Medical prides itself on our wide range of electrotherapy devices at affordable prices. If you need something not listed on our website or have questions, we are available 24/7 to assist you. We can also assist you with selecting the correct TENS unit to relieve pain or finding an HCPCS code. We are standing by to assist. Call us at 856-424-0134.

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    Help Patients Recover Quicker, Reduce Chronic Pain, & More

    As a healthcare professional, you know the importance of electrotherapy for healing. At GTM Medical, we offer electrotherapy equipment and supplies to help your patients relax and rehabilitate muscles and increase local blood circulation. Also, these units are designed to help them maintain and improve their range of motion, manage chronic pain, and more.

    Technology to Enhance the Body’s Natural Processes

    • Conductive garments
    • TENS AA digital unit
    • TENS 3000 analog unit
    • TENS 7000 2nd edition digital unit
    • EMS 7500 digital EMS unit
    • EMS 5.0 analog EMS
    • Venti TENS digital pain relief system
    • InTENSity 10 digital unit
    • InTENSitytwin stim TENS and EMS III unit
    • Quattro 2.5 professional electrotherapy device
    • Electrode foil (various sizes)
    • Electrode foil-round, tan cloth
    • Electrode foil-round, white foam
    • Electrode foil-white foam
    • Electrode foil-oval, white foam
    • Standard 45 TENS lead wire (two-pack)
    • Lead Wire pack for Quattro 2 /2.5 (two-pack)
    • Cable connector for Quattro and ComboCare (two-pack)