Bak Tec® High Back

SKU: (Sugg. HCPC L0631/L0648 and L0637/L0650)


Provides Stability and Support for Chronic Sprains and Strains of the lower spine, spinal stenosis, and post-surgery support. Also gives compression and support to prevent further injury.

SKU (Sugg. HCPC L0631/L0648 and L0637/L0650) Category


The back panel of the Baktec High Back brace is 15” high. SM-XL, SM-4X, SM-XL with Laterals, and SM-4X with Laterals are the four available versions. Even for those with arthritis, our simple pulley system and pull tabs make it simple to provide ideal compression for efficient pain treatment. If the patient requires one, you can also attach an ice pack to this brace. Check it out here.


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SizeBak Tec® High Back SM-XLBak Tec® High Back w/side panel SM-XLBak Tec® High Back SM-4XBak Tec® High Back w/side panel SM-4X