Quattro 2.5 Professional Electrotherapy Device



Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines stimulate the nerves exclusively for the purpose of relieving pain. And Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) machines are designed to stimulate the muscles for the purposes of strengthening and rehabilitating them.



The Quattro 2.5 is a professional four-channel electrotherapy device that provides IFC and Premodulated, Russian, EMS and TENS waveforms with two separate timers. Choose between several different amplitude modulation options. The interferential and pre-modulated modes offer frequency modulation as well as a static frequency option. The portable design lets you take it to your patient or keep it at the clinic.


4-channel electrotherapy with separate timers for simultaneous treatment for two treatment areas or two patients at once
Large easy-to-read graphical LCD display with exact dial performance and two programmable timers
Constant current and constant voltage modes
10-presets per waveform totaling 50-presets in all (plus professional mode)
Designed for tabletop, therapy cart or mobile use
Includes four sets of electrodes in two different sizes, four sets of carbon rubber electrodes with sponges in two different sizes, four straps, four sets of lead wires, four cable connectors and a user manual with protocol guide


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Part NumberDQ8450
NameQuattro 2.5 Professional Electrotherapy Device