Ultimate Walking Boot w/ Air High Top

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Soft tissue injuries, Grade II and III sprains, Stable fractures.

SKU (Sugg. HCPC L4360/L4361) Category


When extra leverage is required for ankle or rear foot stabilization, the Ultimate Walker Air High Top Walker is the best option. If you were treating an ankle or rear foot injury, a low-top air walker would not be an ideal choice. You should use a high top walker if you are using wedges with the walker. The uprights of this brace are plastic. Additionally, it has a pneumatic air bladder that expands to compress the ankle. Push the tiny button located beneath the red ball to release the air pressure. On occasion, you’ll need to squeeze the air bladder while maintaining button pressure. This boot includes a 360-degree walker sole, which allows it to rock side to side in addition to forward and backward.


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